Invest in yourself.

Albert Einstein famously believed compound interest to be the most powerful force in the universe. He called it the eighth wonder of the world. He was referring to money, but it is even more true for yourself.
Every moment that you spend on personal development will pay off in infinite ways in the future. The first component of personal Mastery is becoming a Master Learner. Master Learners are confident approaching any domain of knowledge available to them, and the 21st Century has made it so all domains of knowledge are at our fingertips.


Personal Planning

The first step in Onyx Mastery coaching is our free 5-year plan consultation for Onyx Members. We meet with you to discuss your goals in your personal, professional, and (if applicable) academic domains and provide our 5-year action plan for you to fill out.
We will then take your responses and turn it into a full 5-year proposed personal development plan in text form, typically 50 pages. However, we do not use a cookie-cutter system, so lengths can vary.

Personal Management

After we have this plan, we will discuss our coaching arrangement, if you choose. We will work together to establish a personal curriculum for the next 5 years of coaching with us, along with 5 years of independent growth planning.
At Onyx Mastery, we work with Onyx Members to ensure their success for the long term. We do not work with public clients, and our initial plan is for 5 years, and no shorter.

Our Coaching Packages

Our coaching is exclusively available for Onyx Members.


We provide personalized 5 and 10-year life coaching plans for Onyx Members that include learning and development steps, ongoing coaching and analytics, customized learning materials created exclusively for you, and much more.
With our personal coaching, you always have a full team on your side.


Our career coaching plans are short-term action plans and advisory insights for career transitions, industry changes, advancement and development, disaster recovery, and more.
We are your strategic advisors for your most important career moments from its initial steps on through financial independence.


Our family wellness coaching is an always-on advisory service for healthy living, at-home learning, and more for Onyx Members.
Our family wellness coaching package is a subscription service to receive Onyx Digest, our monthly publication for home learning, along with monthly check-ins and complimentary access to our service at all times through the Onyx Link Personal Concierge.


We provide groups led or supported by Onyx Members with Mastery coaching services for personal, career, and wellness training.
Our group packages are single or multi-session training services either selected from our created materials for Onyx Mastery in collaboration with Onyx Institute or made specifically for your group or organization.

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